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Subconscious self/rational self (2005)

Animation exploring the relationship between the subconscious and the rational self. Made using Flash.

Leveret (2006)

Leveret is an installation exploring the relationship between two senses: sound and vision. The installation includes a viewing room, animation and sound scape.
The animation shows a disconnected voyeuristic portrayal of the relationship between two peculiar characters.
Rather than editing the sound scape via an auditory process, it was edited using visual cues of soundwaves. The sound scape was then reinterpreted as a narrative for the animation.


Delicate touch (2005)

An animated interpretation of a recurring nightmare I would have as a child where my hands transformed into long sticks and i would be trapped in a room, unable to open the door.

CAD break (2006)

Part one of an animation I during breaks of working on an insufferable CAD project.


CAD Break (2006)

Part two