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FROM THE WOODS, a combination of the cute and the macabre is a collection of handsewn toys
disfigured by gruesome wounds.Each toy is made using a selection of vintage fabrics or a
limited edition felt, handmade from Australian alpaca fleece.

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Taxonomy 2007-2008

Bram 2008
Brain flap in thick plush and vintage tweed.


Enk 2008
Flayed stumps in Houndstooth and fuzzy felt.


Fauntleroy 2007
Rib flap in winter grey and fuzzy felt.


Flavien 2008
Stomach flap in dark grey felt and velveteen.


Gerde 2008
Cleaved head in soft plush and winter grey.


Guillermo 2008
Flayed stumps in Velveteen and handmade rose
grey alpaca felt.


Herge 2008
Brain flap in handmade rose grey
alpaca felt and tweed.


Henning 2008
Cleaved butt in winter grey and dark grey felt.


Lemmington 2007
Flayed stumps in soft plush and vinyl.



Ludmilla 2008
Stomach flap in vintage cream linen
and winter grey.


magnus 2008
Flayed stumps in handmade black
alpaca felt and houndstooth.


Nestor 2008
Cleaved head in Tan Herringbone and winter grey.


Orvokki 2008
Stomach flap in vinyl and tan houndstooth.


Paavo 2008
Flayed leg in Herringbone and vinyl.


Pashenka 2008
Flayed leg in vintage tweed and plush.


Prioska 2008
Flayed stumps in handmade rose grey alpaca felt and striped underbelly



Varick 2008
Cleaved head in handmade grey alpaca felt and herringbone.


Vivienne 2008
Cleaved butt in handmade tan alpaca felt and plaid.


Zigana 2008
Brain flap in dark brown tweed and tan herringbone.