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I work on a lot of sewn based projects. Some are for just for fun while others plague me in my dreams until i make them. I use sewing as a way of experimentation and i am often surprised by how a completed object turns out, whether this be material manipulation, colour or texture.
Items that capture my imagination habitually appear as stock in my ETSY store.

2008 November - December

2008 September - October
2008 June - August
2008 Febuary - May

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2008 November - December
Malurus Cyaneus (superb fairy wren) 2008

Mounted head of a male superb fairy wren on a slice of pine.
materials: Nuno felted alpaca, suri locks and silk fibres on black silk, beads, vivid blue thread, washed alpaca fleece for stuffing/fill, shellac, varnish.

I ended up giving this to a friend for their birthday.


Carolina wren

House Sparrow

Embroidered bird brooches 2008

Ink sketch on calico with hand embroidered detailing.

House Finch


White Throated Sparrow

Til Death Us Do Part 2008

Male and female Superb Fairy Wrens mounted onto bloody canvasses.
Currently hanging in my room...but more are in the making so look out for them in my store.

2008 September - October


Poke, felt brooch


Fingers Crossed, felt brooch


Sneaky bird flip, felt brooch


Flesh and Bone, felt brooch

Series of Finger gestures: Hand sewn brooches of severed fingers made from felt.

Fingers crossed as a grisly good luck offering
Flesh and bone, Good luck for eternity!
Poke for poking and proding with
Sneaky bird to flip people off...sneakily

Offal nice brooch, beaded pair


Offal nice, pair of Kidney brooches


Offal Nice Brooches 2008

Handsewn Kidneys using vintage fabrics and stuffed with alpaca fleece. Wear them as a pair or individually. Keep them both or give one to your friend, love, or family member.

2008 June-August

Saint-Saens Lives Again, brooch 2008
Materials: Felt, vinyl, lace, button, bow, brass bit.

Saint-Saens Lives Again



Bad Seed Moustache


Bad Seed Moustache, 2008

Hand held hommage to Nick Cave's moustache.
Materials: Hand made alpaca felt, card.


Bad Seed in action

2008 Febuary - May

Nintendo Controller, hand sewn in felt with plastic tube cable


Nintendo Controller, 2008


Bear brooches, 2008


Hand sewn Bear Brooches made using upcycled fabric. 5cm in size.

Manos, 2008


Manos, 2008

Hand sewn life sized felt hand complete with lopped off wrist and skeletal fingers. I made this after a friend had a dream where they began eating their own hand.

Sitting on my desk as a pin cushion.


Hrossvair The Carpenter, 2008


Hrossvair The Carpenter


Bertram and friend
Bertram and friend, 2008
Made using recycled fabric, Bertram is all grizzled teeth in plaid and houndstooth. Carries his sleeping friend around in his pocket.
2007 July- December
2007 January - June

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