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Mail tale (2007)

A mix of stop motion and video used to explore the act of receiving mail and making postcards. Music is a remix of the Deerhoof song 'spirit ditties of no tone'.

Go forth and be a happy cabbage (2007)

Stop motion of activities of a period of 24 hours.


Lambkins (2006)

Stop motion, twin rolling lamb toys.

Part one (2006)

An exploration of blank voids to create a rhymic effect for the viewer.


Part two (2006)

An exploration of frequency and pitch. Filmed with Jules Zaccak and Lauren Hogan.

Architeuthis (2007)

Stop motion of a pastoral artifice.
Music: Bombora by the Atlantics.


Lars (2006)

Daily office life through voyeuristic eyes.

Rock Candy (2006)

Stopmotion of yummy yummy rock candy.


Impropaganda (2006)

An outcome of an exploration of euphemisms, doublespeak and how language is apropriated.